On average, how many full-time developers work on a single app?
What is the average number of salaried and contracted developers you employ to work together on a single application?
What is the average developer salary in your organization?
Average salaries vary by country, industry, and specific company. Default based on data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.
How long does it take to build one app?
On average, how long does it take your department to get one app completed through deployment using traditional development methods? Include time spent on deployment in this estimate.
9 months
1 month
36+ months
How many custom apps are you able to build in 12 months?
On average, how many applications does your team produce over 12 months? Applications might include an entirely new app, like a mobile application to replace a manual process, or a major upgrade to an existing solution, like an extension of your system of record with IoT.
6 apps
On average, how much money do you expect an app to save and/or generate for your company in a month?
Apps create value by either generating cost savings or new revenue (or both). For example, an e-commerce app for a previously word-of-mouth product might lead to more customers and differentiation in the market, leading to an increase in revenue. On the flip side, an app that monitors situations and provides resolution creates operational efficiencies that save a company money. Both types of apps create value.
The average monthly value of an app is estimated at €15.000 for internal apps for operational efficiency, up to €80.000 for customer facing apps, according to Forrester's Total Economic Impact Report on Mendix customers. If you know the average monthly value of an app your team produces, you may customize the value below.
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Time to Market Value (per app)
IT Productivity Savings (per app)
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